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Background repeat

The background-image css property is used to apply an image to an element of a web page (body, div, table, ...)
With another css property called background-repeat you can define how the image will be repeated into the element. Background-repeat can take many values : repeat-y / repeat-x / repeat / inherit / no-repeat. So easily with some css code and a picture you can create a mosaic effect to your blog. Using on the stylesheet the value : repeat will repeat the picture vertically and horizontally.

Picture of the website

Example of the background-repeat property

It shows the repeating effect into the Html div tag which has a size of 700x150 px

And if you need to apply picture to your web page background.
This html and css code (background-image with background-repeat) will create a mosaic effect
with a picture on the web page (Html body tag)
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